About me!

My name is Debbie and welcome to my Blog!

This is something I’ve been planning for a long time, but when setting up a new business there are a lot of priorities that need to be taken care of first.  But now I’m raring to go.

The blog itself is a means of giving anyone who reads it up-to-date information, hints and tips on all things property, whether you are a buyer, seller, landlord or tenant and no matter the issue.

Many people have asked why I decided to become an Estate and Letting Agent?  To tell the truth, it’s one of those things you say you could do better at when you’re the customer watching the supposed professionals doing their work, when they’re ill-prepared, not particularly interested in you as a customer because their phone screen seems more entertaining and they can’t answer the simplest of questions.  And so, Harrison Thorn was born.

Over the years I have bought, sold, let and rent many properties all over the UK and abroad, so I can definitely empathise with customers and clients on various issues that arise on most property transactions.  I also love to look around other people’s homes, admiring the décor, layout and soft furnishings.

On the very rare occasion that I have some spare time,  I love to read, write, bake and travel!

I hope you find this blog informative and helpful.