Is your Estate Agent working for you?

Definition of an Estate Agent…

‘a person whose job is to arrange the sale, renting or management of homes, land and buildings for the owners’…Cambridge English Dictionary

‘an estate agent is someone who works for a company that sells houses and land for people’…Collins English Dictionary

Many people have had their fair share of bad experiences when it comes to buying or selling a property.  There’s always a horror story attached, whether the Estate Agents send out an inexperienced staff member to do viewings who knows nothing about the property they’re showing you, or there’s the Agents that don’t even show up and when you ring the office to see if there’s a delay, they swear blindly that you have no such appointment.  How about when you book an appointment to view, only to find the photographs on the advert were taken with a wide angle.  As a buyer, been there…done that, many times!  Before becoming an Estate Agent, I had many experiences like these and it’s why I decided to become an Agent.

Make the right choice before handing your keys over!

It can be disheartening for the Seller who has signed a contract for a service that is definitely not up to scratch.  It’s a well-known fact within the industry that some Agencies promise you the world in their valuation pitch to get you on to their books, then sit back and wait for the buyers to come to them with little active marketing or dedication to your property.  So, the over-exaggerated valuation doesn’t materialise into any viewings or offers, and you’re being asked to drop your price within the first few weeks.

I have often wondered if a seller is aware of the sale pitch (or lack of…) that prospective buyers are being given from their selected Agency.  Would they understand if an inexperience agent finds more interesting things to do on their phone and just lets a prospective buyer wander the property on their own, with no care about the security of the owner’s personal property?  Would a seller understand that appointments for viewings are not being met because someone at the office forgot to put the appointment in the calendar?  And some of the excuses for the misrepresentation in an advert blows me away. 

More interesting things…

At my Agency (Harrison Thorn Ltd) it’s all about the Customer Service, it’s one of our major priorities.  We expect as a minimum that our staff know as much detail as possible regarding every property that is being sold by the company.  They have in-depth knowledge of the geographical area and put a high emphasis on communication between all parties.  We care about our Clients and Customers and show this in our professional approach.

Knowledge, experience and dedication.

It is the role of an Estate Agent, to sell a property on behalf of you the Client and to do it with knowledge, experience and dedication!

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