Women & Property

How far our gender has come in the world of property and independence.  Less than one hundred and fifty years ago according to the Married Women’s Property Act 1882, ‘anything that a wife owed such as property was surrendered upon marriage to her husband and her legal identity ceased to exist.’  Nowadays, marriage is not the only option and the expected thing for a woman to do. 

Around the world in today’s society, social media dominates daily life and in 2018 a list was generated of the UK top influencers and the list was generally half and half of both male and female.  With the majority being young millennials making their mark on the technology lead generation. 

Social Media

Many women are more independent relying on their own earnings to build the life they desire.  In all sectors of the workplace women are taking over more senior roles and because of that the gender is becoming more prominent in the workplace.  There is also a significant representation of women in major senior roles such as our Prime Minister, the Metropolitan Police Chief, we have 26 female Justices of the High Court, 32% of MPs are female and we now have numerous female CEO’s of top national and international companies and charities. Women are more likely these days to become property owners and landlords in their own right, building impressive portfolios.  In the property sector there is a definite rise in the number of women taking senior management roles in the Boardroom.  Although, it is still suggested that women have a long way to go to catch up in the still male dominated sector, according to some suggestions only 15% of the property sector owners are women. 

More Women in the Boardroom

So, what makes a woman a good Landlord?

As more and more women take on this role it seems they like to take a more hands on approach also, enjoying the elements of renovation and interior design.  Some tenants think that women have a more maternal approach to their tenants, compassion for their situation and have an easier approachable manner, others would say they are an easy touch, naïve and easily manipulated.  Some women may be more inclined to give someone the benefit of the doubt, thus building trust, and a better more manageable relationship.  But whatever the reason women seem to have a positive approach to the world of property and they are proving to be savvy and no push over in the sector.

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